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Diesel generators are the beautiful amalgamation between the creation and development of the  diesel engine and alternator. It has become a standard equipment over the years with the primary purpose of providing power to various applications, especially in the construction industry.  

For so long, the challenges of the diesel engine have been neglected and have become more apparent in the past decade with the evolution of technology and  the World Economy at large.

In order for a diesel generators to have a long shelf life, regular maintenance is required. However, with tight project timelines, maintenance is likely to take a backseat as down times are getting more costly. In addition, fuel prices have been rising over the years. With a decreasing diesel generator performance, fuel consumption is bound to increase together with the likes of decreasing power delivery efficient. This can greatly affect the life expectancy and performances of appliances drawing power from these diesel generators, such as lighting, air blowers, generators, water pumps etc.

Common drawbacks faced when using diesel generators are:

  • Noise pollution (Fines)

  • Environmental pollution from exhaust (Fines)

  • Fluctuating Power supply (Performance)

  • Increasing Operation cost from generator maintenance and diesel price (Cost)


We are proud to present a solution that satisfies all the drawbacks above.


As long as there is sufficient power in the unit, all you need to do is to plug in and start running your appliance. It's that simple.


Just place the unit anywhere closer to the work area as there is almost no sound emission. With its ZERO emission, the unit can be placed nearer to the work area without having to worry about environmental pollution.


You no longer need to worry about power fluctuations. The unit brings confidence of uninterrupted and constant power supply to ensure your appliance will continue to deliver its intended performance.


Protected by military grade Pelican casing, the unit is impact and weatherproof, promising to last a long time.

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