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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Using a non-intrusive and non-destructive method, the GPR detects utilities underground and maps its profile.

We help our clients scan their work sites and map the data to plan maps. This helps to ascertain the alignment of existing underground utilities. Doing so allows clients to better plan their works more accurately ranging from Trial Holes to trenching to utility installations. Having a better understanding of how existing utilities have been installed prior to any excavation or underground works greatly reduces the risk of utility damages and repercussions.

See below for sample GPR output

We are also the appointed Distributor for Geoscanners AB Ground Penetrating Radar. 



U-Explorer is a complete GPR survey system that has a combination of top of the line Geoscanners products: an AKULA 9000 radar control unit, ground coupled antenna from the GCB-series, gas acquisition GPR software, GPRSoft post-processing software, a 4-wheel SVC-820 survey cart with an integrated survey wheel, as well as other accessories. 

Feel free to contact us to know more and/ or arrange for a demonstration.

We look forward to servicing you.

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