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At Futurus Constructions Pte Ltd, we are dedicated to bringing in solutions to not only help our clients detect and map underground utilities and prevent utility damage, we also help to incorporate technologies to increase their productivity,

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Using a non-intrusive and non-destructive method, the GPR detects utilities underground and maps its profile.

Click here to know more about Ground Penetrating Radar.

We are also the exclusive Distributor for Geoscanners AB.

Contact us to know more and/ or schedule for a demo.

Vacuum Excavation

In today's industry, underground utilities are getting increasingly congested while excavation is still required, Vacuum excavation is a practical solution in removing materials surrounding these utilities while preventing damages.

We are proud to be the Dealer for VAC-EX's vacuum excavator, T-VAC and we are here to support your excavation needs.

Click here to know more about vacuum excavation and T-VAC.

Utility Mapping

We are proud to be the leading partner in mapping and delivering accurate profiles of utilities right after they have been installed. 

Click here to know more about utility mapping.

AC POWERBOX 5000 (Solar Generator)

Adding to our list of solutions, we are proud to introduce the AC POWERBOX 5000 (Solar Generator) that is a viable alternative to existing 5kVa Diesel-powered Generator that is commonly used in work sites. With 11kWH of power stored in a Pelican Case, you can rest assure that the power that your work site needs are safely secured  

AC Powerbox 5000 photo.png
AC Powerbox 5000 logo.png

Click here to know more about the AC POWERBOX 5000 (Solar Generator)

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